Some older posts now have broken images?




    There's no one single cause for this in older posts.

    But, first, some images are manually recoverable, because many exist in two places.
    For example, current images are on both "cdn012" and "ocdn012".
    "cdn012" has images limited to about 4 meg, while "ocdn012" has the full sized original.
    But sometimes, they're broken on one, but not the other.

    So, first thing I do with an apparently broken image is open it up in a new tab, and just change the URL to the opposite.  (i.e., if it begin with "ocdn012", then I switch it to "cdn012", and vice-versa.)
    Often times, this bring up the image.

    By the way, if you get a lot of cdn012 images not showing, check out this trick in settings;

    For older images that were on places like cdn07 and cdn08, then all seem to get redirected to cdn101.  (I've not, yet, found where the "ocdn101" version of images is - if there is one.)

    I suspect that some images didn't, successfully make it all the way over from cdn's 7 & 8, or we lost in a crash a few years ago, long before the move.

    But, there's also another factor; sometimes the CDN's get various internal errors, and the images are gone for a day or two (sometimes a week or two), but, successfully, reappear in the future.

    Such in the nature of a site that is as maxed out on capacity as it can afford.

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  • Marko Leder

    Thank you, NSFWBDSM good to know.

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