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    Anyone familiar with

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    Does it happen all the time, or just sporadically?
    Next time it happens, try going to this link;
    ...and tell me what happens?

    Right now, I'm having no problem looking at everything in your blog.
    Perhaps you're just hitting it at a time when BDSMLR is getting overloaded.

    My educated guess about this place is that they run as lean as possible.  (I infer this from posts like; and .)
    Whereas if this were a well-funded operation, they'd have extra servers (image servers, database servers, etc.) to handle the expected traffic.
    Any web server can get overwhelmed.  For example, the Powerball website kept spitting up errors right after the recent billion dollar jackpot was drawn, but, of course, everyone expected that.  It happens every time the jackpot gets that high.  Since it doesn't happen that often, though, it's not worth the expense for Powerball to get more web serving capacity.
    My theory is that BDSMLR has as much web capacity as can be afforded.  Just enough so that it functions most of the time.  For example, when I get 500 errors (or things like it), I just have to wait a few minutes, hit a hard refresh, and everything's back to normal.  Still slow, yes, but functional enough.

    It probably doesn't help that the website is built on the laravel/vue.js languages.  From a cursory look at the language/s, it looks like while it makes a website like this easy to set up, it becomes tough to maintain.  Also (no surprise) I think it makes such a website slower because of the extra computing overhead.  I'm seeing it start to happen with, now.  (More on that, later.)

    It's a sad irony that problems like this could probably be better worked on if more folks signed up for the $20/month premium.  But, many folks who might do that won't because of;
    a) the current and frustrating state of the site,
    b) $20/month is a bit much,
    c) lack of communication from BDSMLR management.

    I know from personal experience that relying on mere ads to fund a website - especially an adult oriented one, is unsustainable.

    Myself, I'd have no problem throwing 5 bucks a month at this place, with no need to get anything out of it.  But, that's not even an option.  The minimum is $20.


    Now about
    btw, this is my blog over there;

    I imagine that their early goal was to be more like Tumblr, allowing both adult and non-adult content.  Although I'm sure that they had no illusion that, like Tumblr, it'd be about 90%+ NSFW.

    Like this place, reblogme was built on laravel/vue.js.  A few things were a bit cleaner, but BDSMLR still had more features and less errors.  As much as I wanted to have my main blog over there, there were just still too many bugs (like adding a link caused a stuck page).

    But, it did have some things better;
    a) ran faster (of course),
    b) the management was vociferous in their communication,
    c) they doubtless were working on fixes and improvements.

    Then that all stopped when BDSMLR bought them (according to the well founded rumours on the subject).  It's not outright abandoned, techs still answer email about bugs, etc.  Blogs still function.  But, it's not what it first was.  But, it's still a passable enough alternative.

    In fact, it seems that most newTumbl refugees went there, instead of here.  Now I'm starting to see some of the same slowdowns there that plague this place.  No regular occurrences 500 errors, yet, but who knows what the future holds.

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