• Ricardo Leviant

    Add /rss to the end of the blog. For example:

    They only currently seem to link back to the original post though, not include the post itself. 

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    That's good find, about the "/rss" suffix.
    I know little about RSS, since I don't use it, but I noticed that they're paginated, i.e.;

    I don't know if RSS feeds can work that way, or not (and I can't find any documentation one way or the other).

    Also, I noticed that for video posts, the thumbnail (even if it's present) isn't included in the <img> tag, i.e.; 

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  • chesnutacc

    Yeah I've tried playing with the RSS feeds too, and sadly, they're severely limited.

    RSS feeds are supposed to be very simple, providing summaries and highlights from whatever sources you subscribe to- which is usually not a subscription process of any kind, typically you use a service like and they generate the feed for you.

    The reason the BDSMLR feeds are so limited is because the RSS feed (which is an XML document) doesn't include a lot of the information required to properly generate (aka parse) the information into a "human friendly" format (typically HTML). All of the title values are simply "image" and the "description" contains the images/GIFs from the post, but that's it.

    The published dates, post IDs, and hyperlinks are really the only values that are iterated correctly, which makes for a very dull/confusing feed.

    Well, at least as dull as the porn is- provided it loads. lol

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