Has BDSMLR banned hotlinking?



  • Ariella Haverguess

    There is some conversation on Reblogme regarding this. Not sure if it is the problem you are referring to.

    This is from the Reblogme Twitter feed:

    "Also, please include how: Are you linking from bdsmlr to reblogme? Directly to reblogme? Or, are you linking to bdsmlr and wondering why that does not work? If to bdsmlr directly, we cannot help there. We're not associated with them nor we have anything to do with them."

    Perhaps it might be worth reading the conversation on the Reblogme Twitter page, see if it applies to your problem.



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  • apacman


    We are banning image hotlinking to reduce the load on our servers. If you were blocked but you think you shouldn't be, please get in touch with us via chat or Support.

    16th Feb, 2022

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  • Sad

    Used to share to reddit at times, wondered what's wrong that they won't go through today. Same to twitter, this breaks the blog and permalinking linking as well since they try to reach out for thumb etc. This breaks tons of features.

    I can't believe traffic is that much from hotlinking but whatever, they just continue to fuck things up here. Meantime there's again one extra popup on dashboard. 

    I visit perhaps once a week nowadays, every time I do it's both sad to see what happened with this site and it reminds me why I'm not using it anymore. Reblogme is such a pleasurable experience nowadays and then there's this shitshow.

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  • david leckermaul

    That breaks it for me.

    I have several blogs with thousands of images in curated collections. Tagged, a comment on every post. 23k+ followers when I sum it from the 3 main blogs only. And I know I'm not the only one. When we came with all the content from tumblr bdsmlr was glad to welcome us but then so was content was lost with bdsmlr doing strange things with it's databases.

    No more linking to my collections? What do you think why I collected them for in the first place?

    Time to move on, bye!

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