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  • Bob415845

    Yep, happens to me, and I imagine everyone. It seems to vary. Sometimes the image will half-load, then give up.  There's obviously something seriously wrong with their servers, or the communications with them.

    The likes indicates that the phenomenon changes with perhaps place and/or time.

    MP4 files almost never load (for me), presumably because they are larger.

    I have 20,000+  followers and are loathe to give up on the site, but it's certainly close to useless.

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  • Dexter Day

    Bob415845 Thanks for the reply. Yeah, it does seem to vary. Sometimes a gif will load fully. Then, 30 seconds later it is gone. 

    "close to useless" is a good way to describe the site. I'd abandon it, but there's really nothing else out there yet. As I said, I stopped making new gifs. And I can't even see other people's gifs now. 

    I thought they would fix it. But that was a year ago. I was wrong. 

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  • LoneWolf75

    Dexter Day

    I've seen message that say IFTTT IMAGE NOT FOUND in too many post from other people so I'm guessing that they are having some kind of issue with their site.

    This is 1 of the reason's why they are trying to hire people who can help them out with this site as it's taking way too long for them to upgrade and work on it as so many people are joining this site.

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  • Sad

    ifttt points to "If this then that", those are their images which are from tumblr age (I remember them well), if IFTTT couldn't fetch it to your blog it posted that image instead, nothing to do with bdsmlr and nothing to do with people joining to site, when int's fast all they have to do is sit back and relax. In fact site is having less people using it if you look sites that follow statistics. It's not surprising with the amount of ads they use though

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  • RugRollers

    My impression is that this problem has been getting steadily worse for some months. I've been having trouble seeing gifs in our archive for awhile and today I discovered that virtually none of our older original posts (ca >7mo) are currently loading properly, only reblogs. This is particularly charming since a high-traffic account has been reblogging nearly our entire archive from his queue, a boost in exposure we could really use, but half of it is showing as broken image links. Others seem to be seeing the same thing, since the posts that are visible to me are getting new likes and reblogs but not the ones I can't see. Fun times.

    Maybe porting everything to reblogme as a backup isn't a bad idea, as some on here have been suggesting.

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