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  • Ariella Haverguess

    Teas & Denial

    I don't have a definitive answer but I see that the ads and redirects as well as the malware alarms from my virus and malware programs are as active as ever.

    In medical terms if there is no pulse, no respiration, no response, pupils are fixed and dilated and cyanosis is evident as well, we call that dead. Resuscitation may be possible but it is highly unlikely to be successful.




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  • Loadmaster011

    Nothing! My blogs have been frozen for nearly two months. I sent a tech request and they asked for screenshots of the homepages of my groups which I sent them. Since then I've heard nothing at all, inspite of my sending them requests for updates on fixing the problem an pleas for help. 

    Do they just not care at all if people leave or even bad mouth them?

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  • Anuncutman

    @loadmaster. Basically, they don't give a fuck!

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  • Teas & Denial

    I had a reply to my ongoing request/issue from a mod/admin and it was resolved... so somebody is still here running the ship!

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