• ravenflight

    Just checked. The site is extremely slow to load. Several times, I ended up being notified of a gateway error. When at the third attempt I did get to my dash and, having waited for a while, saw images manifesting themselves, I scrolled down a bit. All good in a braindead sort of way. Then, I clicked on the image posting icon. My tab instantly got hijacked by a full page ad (which said that no ad was available) while at the same time a second tab opened up for the actual feed. I was glad to find this hijacking of my browser proceeded as smoothly as ever, without the slightest delay. It's good to know, I thought, that throughout all their crises they've reliably managed to make sure the multiple fuckups don't affect their advertisers, only their users.

    Anyway, in answer to your question, I was able to post a gif. Okay, I wasn't able to post it right away; the first time, having loaded the image, the window simply closed. But on repeat, all went well. Slowly, but I got there. It seems they're having server issues. What a surprise.



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  • James Knight

    Yes. My page won’t load. When I go to Followers or Likes, it loads super super slow and only until the end of the page. When I scroll down it won’t refresh. On my own Home page so to speak nothing (except advertisers) loads at all.

    I have the same phone and browser and WiFi and network system as always. Nothing changed on my end. Just this site stopped working.

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