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  • ravenflight

    If you find that your login box has vanished from the start page, you may try starting your browser with all addons temporarily disabled. If you get your login field back, enable one addon at a time until you identify the offending one(s). In my case, it's UBlockOrigin that's to blame. With that disabled on bdsmlr, I can log in as usual.  This issue has been known for a few months, it remains unresolved.

    By their own account, they are a very small team of devs trying - they say - to clean up a flawed code base which they inherited from the previous site owners.

    First off, let's give them credit for actually doing work behind the scenes; and let's assume they are genuinely  doing their best. Question is: how good is their best? The fact that the same flaws keep popping up regularly does not bode well.  Bdsmlr's standard comment, where there is one, tends to be " It's a recurring issue and we have a temporary fix for this which we've already deployed", usually followed by "thanks for your patience". And of course there's their standard advice to clear the cache and delete the cookies. That, in most instances, is like telling a man seeking help with a broken leg to get new shoes.

    This all suggests that the level of competence in the dev team may not (yet) be up to solving those recurring issues permanently. Because even if they are understaffed, you'd think that - given sufficient skills - after about ten months of recurring disaster, the basics would have been ironed out by now. I can live with my avatar not being displayed; I can even cope with the fact that - now that I've been forced to use infinite scroll - that scroll after a little while inexplicably ceases so that I have to reload the page, forcing me to go right back to the top. But I would also like being able to rely on chat, and on the ability to log in without searching for browser addons which make that impossible, and to actually post the original material (which I can then only have displayed in my feed by observing certain settings).

    But do I have confidence that within a reasonable period of time, these things will be working reliably? No, on current evidence. Is it time to move on? I believe so, but where should we move? Newtumbl does function, but in my view it continues to be user-unfriendly, cumbersome, impersonal and difficult. I haven't yet found anywhere else which might give us what bdsmlr used to offer before it ceased being a reliable, usable, functioning platform.

    Let's also remember, though: The site is free to use (to the extent to which it functions at any given time). Whatever we may think of the way it's administered, the bottom line is this: While we stick with it, we have to accept what's on offer, provide whatever feedback we may give (some users have even offered to help with the code base), and hope for the best.

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  • Master of Little s

    Sounds like I'm not the only one having issues and feeling frustrated. I understand that they're a small, "volunteer" dev group. I'm a software dev myself and I've offered to assist with the site. To date no one has even responded to the offer. But as you said after so many months you'd think that they'd have solved something. It actually seems with each "update" performance gets downgraded. I'd be happy to just access the blogs I've worked several years to build.

    BTW, as a test I created a new account. It let me in just fine and seems to work, sort of, for now. So it's definitely not my machine(s) but something on their end that has FUBAR'd my original accounts.

    I've had the "show me more ads" setting turned on from the beginning as my way providing some sort of support. But the inability to even login to the original accounts is a slap in the face after the hundreds of ads (seemingly every 3rd image) I've had to deal with. Not to mention the couple of months when they had popup ads as well.

    I've looked for alternative, but I've found them lacking as well. So we're in the "rock, hard place" scenario for now.

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  • Ariella Haverguess

    I have no idea if they are a "small volunteer group" or some bloke working out of a shed and making money on adverts, What I am sure of is the site is unusable and has been for many months.

    Who wants to use a site that you have to constantly try and figure out workarounds just to do basic things? A workaround is what it says, it is not a fix. Once again I will repeat what I have said elsewhere, nothing of note has been fixed since the site had a catastrophic crash in February. 

    Communications remain feeble and consist mainly of "we are working on it" "thank you for your patience" and "Clear your browser etc." Basically useless information. We are led to believe that the basic code they inherited was so flawed that it caused all these issues, which is strange because it worked before they took over. Makes you wonder if the code was flawed or the ones that took over were flawed. In any event, even if it was flawed, a competent developer would have rewritten the code and made it workable in a few weeks. Instead, every "fix" they roll out makes things worse.

    I gave up on BDSMLR some time ago, whilst newTumbl is different and takes a little getting used to, it has functioned flawlessly in the time I have been using it, which is some six months now. It has a lot more features than you first see and it takes some time to discover them all, a learning curve for sure. On the plus side, chat works, feed works, queue works (although you cannot mass upload) posting works. All the things I require work. Is it perfect? No, all the same it is so much better than this site which makes even logging on a difficult process.

    I am still working through recovering some of the 30,000+ post I have made here, it is not getting easier. Many of the CNDs do not work and infinite scroll, which I am forced to use, means that at some point and for no apparent reason, it stops and I have to start all over again.

    All I can say is even if other sites are not the same as BDSMLR used to be, pick one that works and move on. If you are waiting to see this site functioning again, you will be too old to care anymore.

    Regards to all


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  • ravenflight

    On the subject of excessive ads, here's an entry - question and reply - from their blog at https://themunch.bdsmlr.com/:

    "Anonymous asked:

    There are more ads than there are posts. Stop with the incessant flood of advertisements... its killing an already damaged site.

    Can you specify the problem please or send us screenshots in chat? Majority of our users see more posts than ads because this is how we configured the site. If you're seeing more ads, it's a bug affecting a small portion of users and that our engineering team is currently working on. Meanwhile, we may be able to share some setting tweaks or temporary workarounds so you see more posts and fewer ads."

    Okay. So a majority "see more posts than ads"? Really? A majority? Amazing!  A "bug affecting a small portion of users"? And strangely, if they know of such a bug and are working on it, why ask anyone to  "specify the problem" or send screenshots (!) to illustrate the problem? Wouldn't they just churn out their stock reply along the lines of "We are aware of the situation, thank you for your patience"? In short - this is ridiculous at best and, if you have a suspicious mind, it sounds somewhat fishy.


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  • Jon Scott

    "Annoyed" doesn't cover it. I've also been locked out of my blog for weeks. Get to the sign in page, enter credentials, then get the "500 error" b.s. 10,000 followers, thousands of original posts. I also created a new test blog and can log into that one fine. I've tried different computers, different operating systems, different browsers, and cannot get in. 


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  • ravenflight

    They haven't been able to guarantee the incident-free running of this platform since January, but there are two features which throughout have been working flawlessly: a) the intrusive ads, and b) their inability to provide lasting fixes to the many of the major  persistent problems, let alone the smaller ones.

    Mind you, if you COULD log in, you'd find that a) more and more people have left bdsmlr, meaning your feed has been thinning out; and b) the ads might drive you crazy.

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