Why does my heart sink?



  • Teas & Denial

    I think this is a bit different. Last February was a huge issue with a different team, now we have a new group who seem to actually want to improve things. They announced it ahead of time, and seem to have a genuine plan. They did warn us the site would likely be down a lot today, so let's give them a chance.

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  • Hypnofrance

    It's easy to give you an answer about what they're actually doing.

    While they "say they fix issues", you can see on their own website they are AT THE SAME TIME creating other websites. First TightCuffs (easily seen as "BDSM Personals"), but very recently they added WITHIN that website a small tab redirecting to "Reblog.me"... Which is EXACTLY BDSMLR but working "almost" fine.

    They don't give a single F about the website. They don't give a F about you. They want to be known by launching services they can't even fix, nothing more.

    They simply have 0 competence in what they are doing.

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  • Ariella Haverguess

    I would check this out, see if it looks familiar:



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  • ravenflight

    Is it possible that they are working on a replacement infrastructure, programmed this time to function rather than fail? I could imagine that the current set up is so flawed that they don't see how they could fix it, so perhaps one of these days everything on their servers will be transferred to a brand new platform which will then be renamed bdsmlr?

    I have no idea how this tech stuff works so I might be talking complete nonsense - but the fact that this "reblogme" thing looks identical to bdsmlr makes me wonder.



    This reblogme.com thing is practically identical to bdsmlr, but rather than being a new development, it's been online since 2019. It seems there may be no actively maintained blogs, not as far as  I can tell anyway. Bit of a puzzle, this!

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