• Jennie

    Can you elaborate on how you think that would be different from just searching a blog by tag?

    I can think of three reasons:

    1. Better/cleaner format than the default view you get when searching a blog

    2. The ability to search by date (e.g. all posts tagged 'yolo' staring from August 2020)

    3. The ability to search by type (e.g. `all quotes tagged 'shakespeare').

    I feel #2 and #3 would be better as just general search options though (for both blogs and the site-wide search), rather than archive-specific search options.

    But I'm genuinely interested in your opinions, and would like to know what you see as the benefits.

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  • Bloomtilly10

    For all the reasons you mentioned. Tumblr had that feature. I don't like posting doubles on my blog but it's hard to remember what I posted a year or two ago, I could search by tag on the main blog but it takes ages to scroll through all the posts; it would be easier to do in the archive.

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