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  • Ariella Haverguess

    Hi Mina,

    I am not a programmer or developer but I understand the principles involved and your suggestion is eminently sensible and practical. For those reasons alone I doubt it will happen here.

    The advice since 2nd Feb. has been "be patient we are working on it" and a lot of people have been more than patient.

    The things that made me a prolific poster here, that is the site features, have not worked since Feb. and are still not working. I can't say I have seen anything of consequence that has been fixed and we are well into September.

    Like many others I have established a blog elsewhere and a new following as well as followers who have moved from this site. Apart from a daily post when the site is functioning, while I rescue all the posts I can, I would need some compelling reasons to come back here and blog as I previously did. I suspect many others would have the same trust issues.

    I hope they take your advice but I am not going to hold my breath on that one.





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  • Jennie

    There are other possible reasons why they won't or can't.

    All we know is they won't, but we don't know why they won't. It may be more than just trying to protect IP.


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  • Master of Little s

    I'm also a developer and concur that going open source would be a boon to this site. The existing Devs could be the review/approval board and those of us willing to contribute could pull tickets from a queue to work on. I wonder what language the site is written in... anybody know for sure?

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  • MinaHexe

    Well, Jennie, you write: All we know is they won't.

    I can imagine two reasons, why:

    1. The protection of intellectual property. They don't want somebody else to set up a competition with the code of this site. I don't really see that happening, unless this site's owners run into financial (currently likely until this site gains more popularity) or legal (given the current witch hunt climate regarding pornography, also likely once this site gains more popularity) troubles. In both cases, it would be a positive thing not having to make a fresh start from scratch.
    2. This site's believe, they are only days or weeks away of having sorted out all the site's problems and feel, it's not worth setting up the necessary github and review infrastructure. This might be a genuine conviction, but I don't believe it for one second.

      As to Master of Little s comment: I also would love to pull a ticket and to contribute. We know that the frontend contains a lot of (rather buggy) JavaScript. In which language the backend is written in, or which kind of database system they are using (relational or not relational) we don't know. However, for any given language, there are many people who will know their way around. I only suspect that they're using some rather obscure frameworks (frontend and backend) and an exotic database instead of "pure" code.

    Still, seasoned developers would be able to make sense of it. 


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