Database fatigue suggestion (in case any in charge reads these posts)


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  • Jennie

    The problem we're seeing now relates to the activity; other subsystems don't seem to be affected (and even the activity page under the user menu still works).

    Tumblr engineering made post telling what they had to do to fix their performance issues with their activity feed. Tumblr's backend is obviously different and presumably more complex, but that's an idea of the scope of the problem, and in the worse case, what it could take to fix it.

    But simple stratification may solve the problem.

    [Also, with 300 million posts (per the public post, although my most recent post has an id of 399436607), and a rough guess 15 notes per post average across the entire site (an unfounded guess, but not an unreasonable one based on observable activity), that's sitting right around the 32-bit unsigned integer limit.]


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