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  • Jennie

    So, a couple of things...

    The IRC chat links are supposed to be for the most popular tags. Those tags are

    • femdom
    • sissy
    • gif
    • bondage
    • bbc
    • slut
    • cock
    • tits
    • trans
    • bdsm
    • blowjob
    • cum
    • mistress
    • interracial
    • gay
    • cuckold
    • leather
    • domina
    • boots
    • gloves
    • dominatrix
    • whore
    • slut
    • teens
    • big tits
    • flr
    • amateur
    • lesbian

    Some of those are mapped to other tags for the chat (flr and mistress map to femdom, for example), but that's list they used to create the IRC chat rooms (and some were just too generic). Keep in mind those are the most-used tags, not the most searched tags. I don't have a list of the most searched tags.

    Long term, they're looking into enhancing search. I proposed a solution that eliminates a lot of the worry about whether to use "bear" versus "hairy", etc., and it was well-received by the dev manager. But that's a development effort that's at least a year out once everything is functioning normally and they can start bringing in enhancements.

    Posts before 1 Feb 2021 are not appearing in the site-wide global search, but do appear in a local blog search. The AND search has also been broken since then.

    Changing the tags on a post remove all tags on that post from the global search database (local search still works with both the new and old tags). This sucks if you typoed one after you hit post.

    Tags on reblogs do not appear in the global search, but also work in the local blog search.

    Until we have a good search in place, my solution is just to over-tag. For example, a typical lezdom gif on my blog might be "#lesbian #lesbians #pussy licking #cunnilingus #bondage #bdsm #rope #lezdom #domme #sub #gg #ff #gif". Lots of synonyms, so people can search their term of choice, but they're all relevant to the post so it's not "tag spam".

    People either don't follow internal tags links very often, or the platform doesn't have the google analytics script set up on the permalink pages. (I don't see internal traffic in my analytics reports.)

    I'll ask directly if they have a most-searched list, and if I get it, I'll post it here.

    Hope that helps somewhat, even if it doesn't directly answer the question.

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