• Teas & Denial

    It's been a constant issue for months. 

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  • Random Guy

    It just doesnt work at all. It's ridiculous.

    It broke back when the site changed ownership and fell apart a few months ago.

    Sometimes I'll get a message, but I can never send one back. I can type one, but it will only appear to send, then delete itself.

    There's a dev note on the site today about how they've improved it with a loader and some graphic updates. They obviously missed the small detail that it doesn't send or receive, or work, at all.

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  • Jennie

    Discussed in-depth here:

    The TL;DR is that if the other person is currently online, messages go through correctly if you can get the chat window to load the conversation. If you want to send a message to someone offline, you have to go to their blog and hit the "Send Private Message" icon.

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  • Rebeccarigs94

    Jennie : Actually since they did the update the chat has gotten worse, if you go to someone's blog now to send a message it might not send.  I sent three messages like that this morning, replying to my messages from last night. They weren't on at that time so I went to their blogs, clicked the message icon, wrote my message, clicked submit, & waited until it sent. It worked. Then after lunch at around 12:30pm - 1pm that stopped working. One of my followers came on just as I was logging off & replied to my reply, when I tried to open my chat to let her know I was getting ready to log off the chat would not open. I'm accustomed to that so I refreshed the dash & checked again, refreshed again, & again, & again without it opening. This went on for a few minutes before I gave up & went on to her blog & tried sending the message through there. It wouldn't go through, I closed & reopened her blog numerous times but it did not work, I even tried logging off & logging back on but it wouldn't submit, the message just remained there until the Captcha refreshed & I had to redo it & click submit again. I gave up & went about my business, I checked in a few times over the next couple hours with no luck until it started back "working" or went back to it's usual form of broken at 3pm. Then my message went through from her blog & I sent a couple other messages to other blogs to try & see if it was working again, I had tried to message others when my chat stopped working with no luck, & they worked. So, not sure if the chat will be fully broken at some points during the day from now on but if anyone can't get through even after refreshing a few times you may have to try again in an hour or two.

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  • amator_hominum

    Yes. Sometimes it works with some users and then it stops again. Messages just disappear in the void.If any of the devs is listening. Fix this!
    Uploading pictures never really worked. So fix that too while you're at it.

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