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  • bralphamaster

    You are absolutely right Ariella and you have great patience with this people I am already losing hope,

    Some were even accusing me of promoting newtumbl like if I randomly decided to leave bdsmlr out of the bloom and not for obvious reasons.

    I'm almost reaching 4k there and I'll hardly come back, I just wish people would stop the stubbornness and at least give a fair effort to try it. 

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  • Theorist

    I agree with most of what you write. But there are also a few other aspects.

    One of the main reasons people liked Tumblr, besides the freedom of content, was the community. Without such a community, you can still run a blog, but the whole thing is very soulless.

    While with BDSMLR it felt like there would be that community again, at least that's how I felt, this is where I have the problem with many of the alternatives, especially newTumbl.

    There are dozens of places on the internet where people can dump their content, to put it that way, but that's not what I want and probably many others don't either. I have been using newTumbl for a while now and unfortunately I have to say that the site is exactly what I just criticised. For the most part, it is an anonymous existence that is lived alongside each other. People post their content but don't care much about what happens to their left and right.

    That is simply not what I expect from such a site, such a community. On top of that, the site is not very intuitive to use and the site operators are largely silent. As you can read, most of the mails and support requests are either answered extremely late or not at all.

    What's more, the content of newTumbl is often lacking in variety. The great thing about Tumblr and also BDSMLR was that there was something for everyone. I don't see that with newTumbl. But that may also be my subjective perception.

    All in all, I don't see newTumbl as an alternative to Tumblr or BDSMLR. In general, I have the feeling that there will probably never be anything like Tumblr again. The problem with all these private projects, to which I am grateful, is that you never know when they will stop their service. You can see that now with BDSMLR, but it also existed before that. These Tumblr alternatives are really numerous, but they are all projects without substance and the will to build a lasting community. BDSMLR had that in the beginning, but now the project seems to have been abandoned.

    The bottom line is that I don't see newTumbl as an alternative to BDSMLR or Tumblr. Yes, you can publish your content there, but many users will simply expect more and will probably be disappointed in the end.

    All in all, it is and remains a pity what has become of BDSMLR. Because in my experience, it was the only real alternative to Tumblr. Especially in terms of community and togetherness.

    That said, this is of course only my experience! Everyone certainly has their own experience and their own demands.

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  • Ariella Haverguess


    I appreciate that you have not gained what you wanted from newTumbl and I know that many Tumblr alternatives have come and gone. I can only speak to my experience with newTumbl and that has been a positive one. 

    I interacted very little with anyone on BDSMLR over a two year period, in a couple of months I have been welcomed by other women on newTumbl that post exclusively female content and have been interacting with them a lot more. Exchanging messages and discussing issues of concern like consent, and abuse that are maybe of less interest to male posters, in some cases, but are fundamental to women and how we see the world. So in that regard, at least for me, it has been a happy and productive experience.

    I think whilst there was "something for everyone" to a degree on BDSMLR prior to this year, it was primarily set up for the BDSM community. The newTumbl site is set up for a wider range of interests, as of course was Tumblr. So as well as those things of interest that I post, I find unrelated things that are also interesting and I can follow.

    Although I am enjoying the interactions on the other site, it is not the main reason I am there. The main reason is that the site works. I have only ever had to contact admin here when something is not working or to report content that is clearly underage. I have not yet had any reason to contact admin on the other site and they have a very clear warning that they will co-operate with all relevant authorities for underage/illegal content on every post you make. I think that is a lot better than the arbitrary blog banning that was happening here. Also, when I did report a clearly underage post here, I was told they were "too busy" to address it.

    If newTumbl disappears down the track I will have lost no more than I have lost here and whilst I will resent the time I put in being lost, it is not going to change my life. I am a hobby poster with an interest in some aspects of BDSM. It is a hobby, no more no less. If it ends I will find another hobby, though I have several as it is.

    For me, the main issue is time. I am a shift worker as is my partner, she and I have a life outside of blogging. I want to be able to load a queue and forget about it for a week or more. Not constantly having to check if it is working. I want to catch up with messages/asks when I have time, not instantly. I want to block exposure to things I find repugnant which I can do more easily on the other site as it has a rating system. For all those reasons I am finding the other site preferable.

    I agree that the Tumblr of old is unlikely to be replaced, the best we can do is find an alternative that suits our needs. I had hoped BDSMLR was it but obviously, that is no longer the case and I am glad I have an alternative for the time being.

    Kind Regards


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  • Theorist

    Hello Ariella,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer me in detail. I can understand your reasoning very well. I think ultimately it's just that everyone has their own ideas and needs about what he or she expects from such a platform.

    I can very well understand that individual interests or topics are received differently on different platforms. For example, I am glad that on newTumbl you have the opportunity to talk to others about topics that are particularly relevant to you or, in this case, your gender.

    Yes, in principle, newTumbl is the better place for a broader range of content. Yes, what bothered me about BDSMLR was that it was very much reduced to "pornography" in the broadest sense. Since I don't post pornographic content myself, but at most erotic content with a strong focus on aesthetics and photography, newTumbl should actually be closer to me.

    And maybe it is as you wrote in your initial post. It's hard to let go. Just as many people have held on to Tumblr until the end in the hope that things will turn out differently, I think many are holding on to BDSMLR out of habit. Even though there is hardly any hope for the platform.

    I haven't and won't give up on newTumbl either, because it's the only platform that currently works and offers what I expect, at least to some extent. As you have already written, every additional minute invested in BDSMLR is actually wasted time, as the platform is probably no longer saveable.

    And who knows, maybe my impression of newTumbl will change, especially if more people switch to it. I don't want to rule that out at all. I am also someone who works a lot with the queue, because sometimes I don't have time to blog for many days. So I see it like you do.

    I want to thank you again for your answer and wish you all the best and a good time either way. Whether here, on newTumbl or wherever.

    With best regards!

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  • Nubutnotnu

    @Ariella Haverguess, you said that the newTumbl search works for you.  Please tell me how.
    For example, when I search for "ant", I get "pants", "Atlantic", "giant", "dismantle", "Dante", "fantasy", "TenueÉtudiante", etc.

    Clearly, the wildcarding is on the front and back - making the search useless - essentially non-functional.

    Please tell me how you figured out how to make their search functional.

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  • Ariella Haverguess


    Do your search with a # in front, so #ants #pants etc. or just click on an existing #tag it really is that simple.


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