Ways to back up content



  • Nubutnotnu

    I have a much smaller blog, so I was able to back it up (albeit in an ugly fashion), by simply starting with my top post (clicking each "# More Images" along the way"), then using my browser's "Save page as...".

    Because my blog's relatively small, I was able to reach to the end.  A bit tedious and a bit time consuming, but I got everything.

    Each image saves in it's own file, and the text of each blog is in the HTML of the saved file.

    For a larger blog, I guess you'd have to scroll down as far as RAM will allow, then save... then start the same process with the last post showing as the top post of the next attempt.

    btw, I looked at your blog, assuming it's https://patapouf.bdsmlr.com/, and it's saying that your blog doesn't exist.

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  • patapouf

    Thanks for replying!
    I don't think it would work. Chrome crashes long before I reach the end.

    My blog is https://ouastata.bdsmlr.com/ (and it has a lot of posts, including reblogs...)

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