Post Notes Counter NOT Changing



  • Jennie

    The numbers have been a bit out-of-sync since at least 2019.  There's some caching going on regarding where the numbers are coming from and which view you are looking at. (Same is true for the "Liked Posts" in the menu versus "Likes" on the activity page.)

    There's also a delay between what's on the dash and what's on the blog. The blog is served directly from the bdsmlr servers; the dash is served through Cloudflare. There's a whole other layer of caching and data pulls/pushes between them. Direct posts are pushed through Cloudflare first; I can't say how the queue works regarding data flow (I know the queue posts don't count as "Own Posts" in the menu).

    Looking at my most recent post (which was from the queue), I saw 10 notes on the activities page for that post, the counter on the permalink said 9, and "view all" showed 11.

    But this isn't a new issue.

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  • Abigail West

    When it shows a negative number it's even more special.

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