BDSMLR Home Page Shows Wrong Blog



  • Nubutnotnu

    Try this; if you have multiple browsers (or a second device you can log in from), try logging in from that, and see if you get the same problem there.

    This has two purposes;
    1) To see if the problem is related to cookies,
    2) To make sure you can still log in.

    If the problem still occurs on the second browser/device, then read no further, 'cause the problem is something else.

    If the problem is cookie related, then simply clear out your * cookies from your main browser, and log in afresh.

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  • John Drexel

    Thanks for the tip.  I fiddled around with it some, but there are no cookies since I use Google Chrome Incognito mode.  But in the end decided to just delete the whole account and set up a new one from scratch.  It needed cleaning up anyway.  

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