• Top Man

    I can't get any pictures to upload.  I've converted to jpg, gif, png, webp and all are well under 10mb.  The pics will not upload individually or in the queue.

    Also, messages have been difficult to get to.  But, now, after I get a message to load, any reply I put in just disappears.

    It looks as if the site has nobody even looking after it at all.

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  • ravenflight

    Top Man - exactly the same experience here. Earlier, uploading seemed to work again, and messages came on almost instantly. Turns out that messages do NOT get transmitted and indeed just disappear - and uploading is once more not working either.

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  • Dick Syndicate

    Still happening here, too - same experience as ravenflight - sorry to see others affected, but glad it's not just me.

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  • John Blank

    Happening to me too. There are all kinds of problems with the site. It's very discouraging. I am acutely aware that it's free, so any complaints must be made with that in mind, but it's one bullshit problem after another. I really don't want to abandon the site, but if it doesn't work then I will have to.

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  • Nubutnotnu

    John, I no longer think the issue is one of abandoning the site.

    I think the site is abandoning us.  All growth has stopped, and with no one to fix the problems, I think it's over and done.

    I suppose there's an unlikely possibility that someone will fix the upload problem, but that'd be the first time anyone's fixed anything here in quite a while.

    In a perfect world, the present owners will put the site up for sale, and we could all do a kickstarter, or something like that.

    But I'm not holding by breath.  I'm copying all my stuff over to "newtumbl".  They've got problems of their own, yes, but at least everything they say works does work.

    Besides, at the present rate, I believe this entire site will soon disappear, permanently.

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  • Abigail West

    Nubutnotnu That seems like a pretty accurate assessment.

    Uploads were fixed, once again, but probably temporarily because it's much, much slower than before.

    Here's a short list of issues that I've experienced since I returned (I left last Feb when absolutely nothing worked):

    • Queue does not post in random order. Maybe it will, kinda sorta be random, but sequentially posting 5 posts in a queue, in the order they're in the queue... is probably one of the worst random seeds I've ever seen
    • Uploads stopped working a few days ago. It seems to have been fixed, but it's now incredibly slow.
    • Messaging is so broken it's not even worth using. It's unusable
    • My Archive only shows the last day of each month I choose
    • Most of my content from last year or 2019 is completely gone. Not deleted, that's another issue, but just... gone.
    • Someone on the team has a problem with my blog because my content is deleted constantly, yet we can literally have snuff and rape and pedophilia posts float around with no issues at all. (My content is all legal with a dd/lg theme, but not even captioned any more to try to avoid deletion... it hasn't helped). Imagine becoming the platform that we were all seeking refuge from. 
    • Zero communication from BDSMLR. A post from February and a tweet from March is not communication.
    • 2-3 months ago, on Twitter, a half-hearted attempt to blame the "previous team." Sorry, but after 2 months it's no longer the fault of the previous team, it's yours.
    • Saying "video was fixed" is like saying you put a new square wheel on a cart to fix the old square wheel. It never worked that well in the first place (in my experience).
    • No platform is feasible and efficient for communication with your users if you completely and absolutely ignore the platform.

    I could probably go on, but it seems that the only people reading this, lately, is us. If BDSMLR was paying attention I doubt they'd let this echo chamber of negativity or calls to move to other sites continue to be amplified. Trust me, I know.... they delete my content constantly without so much as a clue as to why.

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