Had Enough of This



  • Ariella Haverguess

    I understand your frustration. I have thousands (not an exaggeration) of posts missing. They are simply lost and now irretrievable. It does not matter much what you say or do, the posts are lost and will not be back. 

    The people behind BDSMLR have been lying for months now and apart from minor things like, some videos now playing, there is no improvement. They have still not even updated the front page and communications are as bad as ever. The reality is that whoever had the site originally no longer does or no longer makes the decisions. Now the effort goes into, gross and intrusive advertising.

    It will take time to reestablish my blog on newTumbl but it is better than dealing with the deadbeats who run this site.

    Good luck


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  • pinchedfuse

    Same experience here. Tons of my pictures no longer show up. I can find most of them by slightly modifying the URL of each picture, but some of them have different file extensions and I can't find them anywhere, at any address I try..

    Support took 18 (!!!) days to respond to my inquiry about the issue, and have me the same BS "we've removed a bunch of stuff for copyright infringement" response, without even looking into the posts or picture URLs I referenced when I made the support request. All the pictures were obviously amateur and featured the same people, because we took them ourselves to document our own life, so there is definitely no copyright issue. The posts weren't even deleted as they claimed, the pictures in them were just moved. My support ticket is now months old and they've only responded once more, to say, "we broke some shit in 'the upgrade,' and our devs are working on it."

    The edit button doesn't work on the vast majority of my posts, so I can't update the posts with the new URLs or even re-upload the pictures. I have a ticket open for that issue as well, which has now been open for more than a year, with no responses from bdsmlr to my last several updates to the ticket. They are not fixing anything. I'm convinced their devs have moved on, and one person handling "support" comes by every couple of weeks to update a handful of tickets with a dismissive or incorrect response, and they're just riding the sinking ship for as long as they can pull in a few advertising dollars.

    I have a broken blog I can't edit and no good way to migrate to another site. Like others here, I'm switching to newtumbl, but I have no idea how much of our blog/story I'll be able to preserve, nor how many followers I'll retain. Very sad and disappointed.

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  • BehindTheDarkVeil

    Pinchedfuse - the text posts have never worked properly here. I pretty much stopped posting stories with pics as they never appeared as formatted. Most of the time images would not load. Headers disappeared and you could never reproduce them.

    But what really annoys me about this issue is the way they responded to me by simply insisting that the images were removed because of breaches of rules. This was nonsense as I am sure that some were not even NSFW. However, as I mentioned some had video file extensions which was clearly wrong as you cannot upload videos into text posts.

    Good luck on NewTumbl. I think I will post a topic requesting the names of members over there now.

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  • Abigail West

    The only thing that works properly is the advertising, as BDSMLR can let the site circle the drain indefinitely yet still make money off the intrusive ads.

    They remove content constantly, and since there are no guidelines relating to content, they can delete whatever they want and most of the time you don't even know content was removed. Piss off someone in one of these posts and expect to have your blog under scrutiny. Why should we expect professionalism in content moderation when we clearly see no professionalism in any other aspect of running the site or communicating with users.

    I remember when they tried to fix the broken content removal aspect by sending you a message to tell you that post 527846358 had been deleted due to ToS violation. I know I remember the random, 9-digit number behind every post that I make, every 30 minutes, 24 hours per day. Don't you? And there was never an *actual* reason, just the ambiguous "it was a bad pic" message.

    Earn the ire of a dev or mod and your blog will be victimized. I guess it's the danger of reactionary site built by a few friends... professionalism only exists if they want it to.


    And that's just for posts where you see the "POST DELETED" placeholder. How about all the content that just plain vanishes? Entire posts? Videos? Photos? Poof, gone, and you don't even know what to replace, because how do you remember one post that you made in 2019 that disappears out of your 13K posts?

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  • 420 shades of green

    Been having similar issues here too. I just moved over to Newtumbl @ https://420-shades-of-green.newtumbl.com/

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