• Jennie

    I've had a couple of people ask me about the queue not working, and both times their start time was later than end time. I.e., 8am to 2am. Changing it to 8am to 11pm/2300 fixed their issue.

    There's still the lack of random ordering, though...

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  • Barronovsky

    I've really been missing the random posting option from queue.

    Just to reiterate another feature request for the queue: While all of this work is being done to improve the site, is it possible to add an option to move posts from the queue to drafts? There are times when there are good reasons to delay publication of a post that is already in my queue, but I don't have a definite time yet for when I want it published. Yes, I can set a time far in the future to delay publication, but if I have several  posts like that it's difficult to keep track. I sometimes use the workaround of publishing a post in the queue, then adding it to the drafts folder and deleting it from my blog immediately, so that I can add it to my queue later. But this does not work for new posts, only reblogs. If I delete the post freshly published to my blog after copying it to drafts, the copy in drafts is replaced by a Deleted by Owner error message. These are annoying and problematic workarounds, and the option to move posts from queue to drafts would be much better for me.

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