Moving to newTumbl - No more chances for this site


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  • BehindTheDarkVeil

    I have also been using Newtumbl. You are right about the intrusive nature of the ads. They seem to be the only thing working here.

    However, I am more than a little angry at the attitude of support. I have a 'story' sub-blog and have many stories posted there. They contained images illustrating the stories. All of those images disappeared at the same time when everything went to shit on here.

    When I raised this with support they said that it seemed the images had been reported and removed. That was a lie. Firstly because some images would not even generate an NSFW rating. But also the link that I could see for the missing images related to video files. YOU CANNOT POST VIDEOS INTO TEXT POSTS!

    I challenged them on their explanation and they simply insisted that someone had reported every single image on the many stories in my sub-blog and closed my request.

    Now I know that the people here don't know how to sort this, but I am not being lied to like that.

    So, anyone wants to find me.........

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