• Jillicious00

    You're not alone feeling frustrated. It's tough to go from a good working site to having a site full of non-responsive administrators who do nothing but increase the advertisements.

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  • Angus02115

    there is 'someone' there doing something 

    as these pop up ads come and go to randomly to be a fluke

    just wish they would take 5 minutes (out of what 3 months) 

    to update the user - 

    i don't mind having patience - so long as there is communication 

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  • Abigail West

    Angus02115 This is the prevailing sentiment throughout most of these discussions; communication would smooth so much of this out. They have (had?) a dedicated userbase of content creators and viewers. These are people who are just grateful to be able to share their deepest kinks and fantasies on a safe, unbiased , lightly moderated platform.

    Twitter would be a great place to communicate with us; the bdsmlr admins wouldn't have to worry about scalability or the tech issues effecting their communication tool. They already have 10K followers there. The last Tweet was in March.

    Between my content disappearing, being deleted without explanation, 6 months of technical issues, increase of ads, and a completely negligent, uncommunicative staff, I've lost patience. 6 months is too long. If they tried to communicate with us more than once every 2-3 months I might feel differently, but why am I creating content for a platform that only seems to care about making sure the ads work flawlessly? *shrug*

    I wish I wasn't so bitter and jaded about bdsmlr, but how could I really be expected to be any other way?

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  • Angus02115

    jaded - ?

    go with overly annoyed and fed up



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