Mangled URLs, broken images


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  • Jennie

    I was able to make this problem go away (for me) by using a local nginx instance as a proxy, setting my own host as cdn05, and forwarding all requests to cdno05. (It also took a self-signed cert exception.) It's like nothing (on cdn05) was ever broken. It all just works again, like it's 2020. So yes, it is possible for anyone to correct it, but it is not feasible -- you need a local web server set up just to start.

    But, in no way we should we, the users, have to do that. If it was at all even feasible for the average user I'd post a tutorial, but it's not.

    I sent what I did over to the staff today. Hopefully, they'll take my proof-of-concept and add the one (1) line I believe is necessary to their nginx configuration so it works for everyone.

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