So much for Github!



  • Random Guy

    I said this in another thread but I'll repeat it here.

    Github announcements are a sign that something is very wrong, not that something is improving.

    GitHub is where developers spend their time. Just as a ships cook spends all their time in the belly of the ship, in the galley kitchen.  For the chef it makes total sense to write the menu on the wall by the fridge.  Having the menu in the kitchen suits the purposes of the chef, and it's a chef solution for chefs.   But nobody would expect restaurant customers to check the fridge wall for menu updates.  The job of handling customers is not that of the chef but of the Maître d’ who seats guests in the restaurant, and gives them a menu.   The chef has other tasks, and skills.  

    In web development nobody leaves decisions up to coders because the docs will all be in GitHub and will say things like "simply instantiate a VM ".  That's why devs are kept away from punters .

    Most companies have some form of customer relations (a maître d’) even if the company is 3 people, one of those will be nominated to run the client facing bit.  That person will run the blog full of puff pieces glossing over "recent issues" and promising "to do better". 

    Even in the very smallest possible company we must have the business-headed one who deals with the capital and  VCs. We have the customer customer relations and sales, and the stressed IT geek running about 6 departments of web from server to CSS

    So what we see here on BDSM is the IT geek is tasked with updating customers on repairs.  They are pinning the updates above the fridge.

    This is like having the diners visiting the kitchen to look at the menu. The chef can't be working well, and the diners are all unhappy. And where is the maître d’ ?  Where is the CEO who ought to assign these roles?


    The captain is on a lifeboat somewhere. The second in command is steering the ship by looking up "how to steer a ship" on Google.

    We are the passengers saying "aren't those rocks a bit close?"


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  • d3b4s3r

    You're lucky enough if people read the notifications and updates written on the page they're currently looking at. No one's going to look at Twitter, let alone effin' GITHUB. They're just going to leave.

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