Would like more images per archive page



  • Barronovsky

    I totally agree! I've been a member of another porn forum for 15+ years where we can choose the number of posts per page from several options, e.g. 5, 10, 20, 50 -- and that is on a website that is using ancient forum software. The advantage is that people with older computers and/or lower bandwidth can choose a smaller number so that pages load faster, while those with more power and higher bandwidth can view more per page and not have to keep clicking through so many pages. I was disappointed when bdsmlr went from 25 down to 15 posts per archive page, and then dismayed with it went down further to only 8. I use the archive feature a lot, and it's annoying to have to click through so many pages when I'm looking for a specific post. What is the reason for this change to the number of posts per page in the archive?

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  • Jennie

    I agree (and upvoted).

    I think this is part of the remaining problems from either the Great Crash, or a bug from the failed attempt to add a selection to the day (not just month).

    This is also not as easy problem to solve as it would seem. Say pagination was set to 10, and the user makes another post while you're on page 4. When you go to page 5, should you see the 51-60th images as they now appear on the blog (where 51st image is what you just saw in the 50th spot on page 4), or do you remember the starting point (which is now image 2), and show 52-61? The first is much easier to implement, and only duplicates one image. But what if the user posts 10 images? Now your old pages 4 and the new page 5 are identical. So it's not that simple of a problem.

    (And I post that mostly so that if staff/dev ever gets around to reading these, they remember to consider it).

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  • Michael

    I think there should be a grid option like Tumblr's archive, ESPECIALLY for blogs that make thousands of posts a month.

    Or -- for those in particular -- an option to divide it by week or even day. (I just visited a blog where I had to jump to page 200 just to get off of the first day shown in the archive! Imagine clicking through that at 8 posts a page to find one particular post!)

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