bdsmlr team communication - Twitter, zendesk, Github, Uservoice ...



  • Michael Gorup

    Totally agree!  Really, they should be providing updates right on the site, like they did before the "Great Server Crash"!  I don't have accounts for any of those places, and have no plans on getting one.

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  • Kermit82

    I'm not on Twitter, so couldn't see any replies.  They mentioned there has been a transition between staff, any it doesn't sound like it was a smooth one.  They should just post regularly on Twitter, and using the top header on bdsmlr.  No new mechanism is required.

    I'm feeling a little nervous that they considered setting up a blog, but couldn't get a blog to work... bit of a skills issue for a blogging site developer!

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  • Random Guy


    first of all the big crash happened because they said

    @bdsmlr· Jan 29

    We're going to do maitenance and major changes under the hood at Saturday 30th January 10 AM GMT. This will result into a downtime which we estimate to take at least 3 to 4 hours (no guarantees though). We will be of course back ASAP.

    Of course we know what really happened. The previous owners were handing the site over to the new owners and they totally fumbled it.

    But what we were told was :

    If front page is not loading properly, please clear your cookies for our site in your device, that should fix the issue. We are starting to have most service online but still working with personal blog pages.

    Meanwhile they started banning blogs.  Blogs which they felt were "obscene", but without warning to the authors about why that was.  Banning blogs who had rarely posted, or simply never posted.  Blogs which had comments with the word "rape" in the comments of a photo, or "daddy"

    This ban-happy new team was causing them to have "over 100 complaints per day" from people asking "why was I banned, I can't post or even edit my blog"

    the same new team was reassuring everyone that

    @bdsmlr Feb 2
    Update: Issue is unfortunately still ongoing. Cause is hardware related. We have however brought back tagging and front page though slow, is up and running. We understand the frustration, our apologies about the situation. We're really pushing hard for the fix.

    etc. etc.

    but then eventually, after two months they confessed on March 31st - There's a new "team" and they are "closing out critical engineering failures inherited from the previous BDSMLR team"

    Were the "old team" the ones who didn't communicate that the site has changed hands?
    Were the old team the ones who struggled to get the site back up for two months?

    Are the old team the ones banning blogs almost at random, then blaming users?

    This site was really good last year, it was slow sometimes, it was obviously programmed in an unorthodox manner and it has some very severe GDPR infringements, but still - it was a good site.

    Since the handover it's been utterly shit.  I only check back to see if it's still as bad, and it still is.  They most be losing users by the thousands every day.


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  • Riley

    Github? What Github? I've found a few accounts linked to BDSMLR but nothing on there of substance and tbh they could be created by anyone!

    Hell, I'm still waiting on an email from the team which I was meant to get on the 12th!

    Twitter is fit for the purpose of COMMUNICATING things it's a literal communication platform and if you need a blog, use Medium, or just get a blog on your OWN site going, you can post text posts and everything!

    I like how they are only responding to praise too, anything negative ignored (shock)

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  • MinaHexe

    I wonder why there isn't a simple bdsmlr user account to communicate.

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