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  • Random Guy

    The plan is to have a massive screw up and consider selling the site, but realise it needs a tidy up. Try to do a Tumblr.  Get some over-sensitive people onboard to ban 30% of the blogs for no good reasons.  Then fail to fix anything because they don't know how.  Watch the users drift away.  Site dies.

    All going according to plan so far.



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  • Angus02115

    brilliant commentary 

    and i like it all except for the 'overly sensitive people' have not seen or heard of that 

    unless its coming - the rest seems true  

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  • Random Guy
    They started banning blogs based on things like whether the picture comments had the words "Daddy and Daughter"  or a girl saying "ooh daddy"  because it was "obscene"
    Some blogs were banned reinstated, banned again, and they'd not even posted anything ... ever!
    Some blogs were banned and given reasoning that "the girls may be legal but they look borderline"
    Lots of users complained that they were never given any kind of warning, or indication, and they hadn't contravened the rules. All that happened was this.
    BDSMLR Twitter Mar 3
    Hi everyone! Re: banning of some blogs. We’ve been receiving at least 100 requests every day about blogs that violate our terms
    So, 100 people a day saying "you banned me in error"
    And at the same time the site was falling apart.
    I had my blog banned twice.  I got an email saying "Oh sorry, that was a mistake, but please try not to use the word "rape" again"   then it was banned again 3 days later.   I hadn't been able to edit it in the meantime because the site site was so broken.
    that sort of thing.
    100 complaints a day!
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  • I'm not going to tell you

    How do you find out if your blog has been banned?

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  • Jennie

    When you log in, you get a white page that says "This blog has been banned".

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