Credit the original blog for reposted content, please



  • hersto playwith

    Yes, making it harder for people to just outright copy content from other blogs would have a certain appeal.

    I think the issue with this proposal is: that solving this by automatically detecting duplicate uploads and then blocking the upload sounds like a straight forward easy thing to do, when you put it in words. But as soon as you actually want to implement it, there's LOTS of little details about how it should actually work that would need to be specified/addressed.

    Yes, it could be done. But it's not a simple binary decision (copied content / original content). People would end up getting frustrated about why they couldn't upload xy post, just because z. There'd be controversy about how to deal with special cases.

    Lots of hassle for probably not getting a satisfying solution.

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  • Jennie

    Unless the post in question is 100% your copyright (in which case you can DMCA the offender), you can't complain.

    But there's a very good reason why people might want to repost as their own: If a blog deactivates, all reblogs of all posts originating from the deactivated blog go dark. If user69420 posts a pic that I like, and I want to make sure it stays on my blog, I have no choice but to save the image, and then repost as an original. Because I have no clue if/when user69420 is going to deactivate or delete that post.


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  • Bloomtilly10

    I started reposting images on my blog for the reason Jennie pointed out, images were disappearing if the original poster either deleted or went dark. My solution is to add a link to the blog who originally uploaded the image.

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