Please Communicate With Your Users



  • Orange

    Very well said Abigail.

    It's even less fun where your in lockdown as I am in the UK and providing updates with photos accompanied by some narrative fantasies is the one thing that is keeping my moral up and that of my followers who view my blog.

    I'm usually at my busiest on my blog in the winter months when the days are shorter and the weather's poor.

    I've already submitted a request for you to provide me with an update BDSMLR, but you have failed to do so after two days of non communication from you.

    I appreciate that you do not have the time or resources, but even a post it note just to keep us informed is better than nothing.

    Is this too much to ask from someone who's put three years work into this site and doesn't have the luxury of discussing the problem face to face?

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  • Orange

    Finally got a reply to my submitted request.


    We really apologized for this inconvenience as we are still currently doing some updates. But for the time being, we suggest cleaning Cache and Cookies from your web browser if you have some trouble loading the website.

    Nothing new to say, but at least it's better than nothing for now.

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  • Markatwork2003

    i agree 100% there Abigail...the silence in my opinion speaks a lot...the Ads work and i think thats all that is really cared about

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  • Dom Valentino

    💯 Agree with this post. 

    - Dom V.

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