• Dale B Baker

    I agree with the ability to sort blogs premise however multiple sorting skims would be even better.  Examples 
    Alphabetically (forward and reverse),  Date Orginal Posted,  Date of Lastest Comment, Number of Posts, Number of Comments ...  I sure others have Sorting Ideas that I missed.   Add to the list and let's make finding what we like and and finding what we want super easy and thereby making this an even more awesome blogspot.

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  • hersto playwith

    Additional sorting criteria I'd find suitable:

    • post frequency: posts per week/month/year (or generally time) over the last 4 weeks or from the beginning of the blog
    • number of posts in the blog which I've liked/reblogged
    • number of my posts which they have liked/reblogged
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  • ravenflight

    Organizing blogs alphabetically would also be a very welcome improvement for the list of blogs blocked. Alternatively, these might be arranged with most recently blocked ones top of the lust, the was That Other Site does.

    Currently, once you block someone by error, or wish to unblock them, you are usually required to scroll through endless successions of blog names, which is really cumbersome. I know this is one of those features that aren't vital for the functioning of the site, but it's worth bearing in mind for a tiome when all the pressing issues have been sorted out.

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