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  • Slutbane

    I agree ABSOLUTELY with this request.

    Since I cannot remember what the post was, I have no idea if it was mine, or somebody else's. And if it was mine - what was wrong with it? It would be REALLY good to know so we don't make the same mistake again. I really hope this doesn't go the way of Tumblr, where your account is suddenly zapped, and you have no idea why - and you have lost all the friends you have made, all the favourites, all the chat.

    Suggestion - the pic on the owners blog is defaced with a "deleted" stamp, so the image is sti;ll recognisable, and a short reason for its deletion given - in oode if necessary ! - disputed copyright 2 - underage 3 - illegal etc


    and to echo the OP - "In any case I appreciate you making a great job and I'm confident you will find a good solution."

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  • Ram Schramsch

    Thanks for support. Great idea to introduce reason codes. Cheers! JK

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