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  • Slutbane

    I agree ABSOLUTELY with this request.

    Since I cannot remember what the post was, I have no idea if it was mine, or somebody else's. And if it was mine - what was wrong with it? It would be REALLY good to know so we don't make the same mistake again. I really hope this doesn't go the way of Tumblr, where your account is suddenly zapped, and you have no idea why - and you have lost all the friends you have made, all the favourites, all the chat.

    Suggestion - the pic on the owners blog is defaced with a "deleted" stamp, so the image is sti;ll recognisable, and a short reason for its deletion given - in oode if necessary ! - disputed copyright 2 - underage 3 - illegal etc


    and to echo the OP - "In any case I appreciate you making a great job and I'm confident you will find a good solution."

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  • Ram Schramsch

    Thanks for support. Great idea to introduce reason codes. Cheers! JK

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  • David John

    I absolutely support this feature request. The current approach makes any learning impossible. It would be really helpful to know if the deletion was:

    • one of my own posts or a re-blog
    • if a re-blog, which blog I had found it on
    • simply deleted by the OP, or ruled inappropriate (and for what reason)

    If it was anything other than a deletion by the OP, it would also be really useful to see at least a partially obscured version of the image, otherwise I have no idea what sort of thing to steer clear of in the future.

    Finally, could there please be some sort of notification on the homepage, otherwise I don't know if I need to switch to 'show my blog' view to do some housekeeping and remove the deletion.

    Apart from that, please keep up the great work!

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  • Domhubby

    Concur. It wouldn’t be bad if we could universally accept all deletions and have them disappear from our blog once we figure out what happened. I would rather clear them all out than have a bunch of blue boxes.

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  • Bob415845

    Strongly disagree :)

    It's not that it's a bad suggestion, it's just what are the odds? They make this change, and in the process break something that we actually need ... this is what tends to happen when one adds gold plating to software. And let's face it, they've got form.

    Please Mr Bdsmlr team: fix the REAL problems, such as not being able to see original posts, not being able to log on, etc.

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