Is there any way to prevent the deleted/banned post notification from appearing in your blog?



  • Support Bdsmlr

    Hello there!

    It's an option we are going to add soon as "hide deleted" into the options so it's definitely planned. Should be actually coming out quite soon.

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  • Typhanyalyce

    Cool thanks!

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  • billyguitar77

    Great that those notification panels will soon be hideable:-)

    Just my two cents- I’d really like to see posts remain after a user terminates their blog, the way the T platform  did It and does it. It was always nice to see and be able to reblog things after someone left. Even if a blog had been terminated by the platform, the posts that were within guidelines remained accessible as reblogs.

    I could go into my archives looking for xyz fave reblog from a year or two back, to reblog it again, and it would always be there- whether the original poster was still active or not. Or another blog (not the original uploader) would reblog a fave and we’d all be reminded of it and many would reblog it, bringing an oldie into circulation again..sometimes years after the original blogger had left.

     On Bdsmlr (currently) if the blog leaves, so do it’s posts.
    I sometimes feel the urge to reupload something I like that another blogger has posted here just to ensure I’ll have it -in case the other blogger leaves. It’s generally against my nature to ‘lift’ content, but sometimes I do- to have it in my own archives here.

    i understand this is Bdsmlr, not the T platform & there are probably technical and general policy reasons behind deleting all of a blog’s content when it self terminates or is terminated. Just wish it were different. My 2 cents 😊

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  • Barronovsky

    Billy, FWIW I totally agree with you. When the T platform shut out the adult bloggers, an online friend shared a program to download the entire contents of T blogs, but by the time I got to some of my faves, a lot of their posts were no longer accessible. I was kicking myself for not downloading them sooner. I now download images I like on bdsmlr as part of my daily routine, so that I'll have backups in case the blog disappears. It's not the same if a post has text and other media that goes with the images, but at least the images/gifs are retrievable. I actually keep a separate folder for each blogger I follow and download their own posts/images to the appropriate folder. It's a bit of work, but I try to be somewhat selective and only save the stuff I really like, though my filter waxes and wanes, and some days I save too much. :)

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