Request/suggest change wording for deleted posts


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  • Ram Schramsch

    Hi BDSMLR-Team!

    I would like to support this proposal and extend it at the same time.

    If the owner of the post delete it  it is gone anyway. You could consider to make the second in row the new owner but I personally wouldn't care too much. On the other hand it will be difficult to sort out which post is personal and which one is taken from public domain ...

    If the post in question is illegal and you delete it for this reason  then either silently discard it or give a hint who made an illegal post and which rule was exactly violated in order we could learn. Perhaps it is worthwhile to introduce a 'trustworthiness score' by counting violations and set them in relationship with the number of posts. I'm pretty sure you already count violations.

    The least I would like to propose is to give us an 'silently discard deleted post option'.

    In any case I appreciate you making a great job.



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