Strange box showing up on blogs first post



  • Jennie

    It's an ad box. The ads rotate, and one of them does not show up at all, so you get the big black box. Another one does not size the box correctly, so you get weird blacks bars around it. The fluid player ads close automatically after 20s; sometimes the box goes away, sometimes it doesn't.

    If you're running an ad blocker, you probably only ever see the black box.

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  • Markatwork2003

    I had a feeling it was something along those lines and i noticed it when this place was having their server i wonder if them adding and ad to our blog is what caused all that...and in my settings i dont have the box checked for supporting with more ads shown.

    Looks like my page is now a 3 column blog because it has made that bullshit disappear 


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  • Support Bdsmlr

    We're working on it, the empty box will be gone soon, it's a misconfiguration at the moment.

    And yes we know people do not want to see the ads. However we simply need to run the ads in order to pay the bills, there is no way around it.

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