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  • Fabwoman4u

    btw - why is there a LinkedIn icon at the bottom of these Community posts?  Would anyone ever share these posts to their LinkedIn profile?  I'm thinking not, but if someone does click on the icon and shares a post, does it somehow identify who you are and connect your bdsmlr profile to your professional profile, along with giving data aggregators the ability to know who we are?  Meaning, what privacy guards are in place for this to NOT happen?

    Also, the profile pic shown here for my blog isn't the same as the one shown on my homepage.  Not sure why these aren't matching up, but somehow they need to get synced. 

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  • Support BDSMLR

    Hello there!

    We are an adult site, it's a decision which we have taken early to protect privacy. Content is owned by the person posting, if they decide to remove it, reblogs will be removed as well. We are not going to change that decision and in the early days it was the overlwhelming majority who also wanted it that way, we go privacy first. However regarding the captions what you write to reblogged post, they are not deleted (just hidden right now) and we will bring them to be seen so that they are not lost in the future updates.

    About copying content from other blogs, that is something we naturally do not allow. it is written in our TOS as well. 

    Regarding this support forum. Like we explain in the front page the credentials are different, they have nothing to do with the credentials on site. Since it is hosted by 3rd party (Zendesk) we do not share that information with them automatically. That is also why you see those share icons, platform is not hosted by us. And no, they are simply for sharing and need to be confirmed.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Jillicious00

    I completely disagree with OP. The current way posts are deleted just leaves a message saying it was deleted. I would love to have the option to automatically purge all deleted reposts from my blog. I just spent all morning removing them from my archives. I assume they are mostly because the original poster decided to delete their blog.

    I would also like to see the option to have them purged from my queue if they are still in there. No reason to reblog anything that isn't there anymore.

    Please give us the option to purge them. I'm not all sentimental like OP is about honoring them.

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  • G Flynn

    I’m more with OP - most or all of my content is heavily captioned content usually of single images. Not only would I lose it but I can’t even see what it was.

    I see now that it’s not lost but just unavailable now — thank you!! I can be patient to wait to see them again.

    In the interim, however, would it be possible to fire off an email to reposters when an origin or earlier post is deleted? Just a notice plus our own text content so we know what disappeared.

    Thanks so much!

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