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    Support BDSMLR

    Hi there!

    As we're an adult site we can't use the usual donate methods, but we do accept crypto coins. 

    Donate button is in our subscriptions page, here:


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  • G Flynn

    That’s great! You should highlight this more. I just published a post encouraging my readers to flip the “more ads” switch to help. I’ll try to add this as well.

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  • Brian

    Hi, I interpreted the donate button as meaning I could donate "via" cryptocurrencies using coinbase to basically do a credit card transaction that would result in you receiving cryptocurrency.

    I think I totally misunderstood, because I went to their website and they made me verify my identity, then started asking for photos of drivers licenses and other nonsense like that.

    How do I pay for a membership if I do not want to use coinbase to actually do anything other than I guess give you money? Am I using coinbase wrong? Can I just send you an envelope of cash?

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