Option of seeing less from a blog on the dashboard

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  • Jillicious00

    Tumblr had a 50 posts per day limit and even that was annoying when folks hit it.

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  • Support BDSMLR

    Sorry, for now this is not possible with our system. Sites such as facebook work with completely different infrastructure (and budget which is out of this world), we do not have resources to create it as it would be quite resource heavy solution.

    We do not limit amount of posts per day either but instead give everyone free hands to run their blog as they decide to do so.

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  • G Flynn

    As a developer I understand and totally sympathize. Still, there are always ways of doing things in creative ways. I don’t know how you’re built nor am I suggesting it’s an easy problem to solve - but it would be a very well-received feature.

    I simply ask that you keep the idea on the back burner and revisit every so often and brainstorm a little bit... Sometimes I find the simplest things turn out to be the hardest to solve and the hardest problems eventually become easy to solve when looked at with a fresh perspective.


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  • bralphamaster



    Thanks for the feedback,

    Does it run similarly to tumblr? If so, how about the mute option they had ?

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  • Support BDSMLR

    G Flynn we do and that's a great point. Sometimes it's as simple as looking into it outside the box a bit :). 


    bralphamaster we really do not know how Tumblr has their backend coded up so it's impossible for us to say. We get the point of the mute option and we actually have thought some ideas for it, for example: Set to mute certain blog for a day, 2 days, week etc. That would give some flexibility to customize the feed.

    We certainly understand the importancy of this feature and of course we're here to bring out those which our users want whenever we can. As always we're grateful for the feedback and suggestions!

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  • Jennie

    bralphamaster The tumblr mute stopped push notifications. That was useful when you had a post explode to thousands of notes, or if you had notifications turned on for a blog you followed and they went on a posting spree. It didn't affect your dash view, just what the tumblr app received.

    The feature, as discussed in the other threads, is more similar to twitter's mute. That would be akin to using the "browse by group" feature here, where you a group called "all" with everyone you follow in it, except for the "muted" blog(s).

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  • Some of all things

    I've made similar requests in the past - here are some suggestions I've had for ways to approach this . Of course, I don't know how difficult they'd be to implement but these are my thoughts:

    1) Set a daily limit on how many posts you want to see from any blog

    2) Set some kind of rotation capability where your feed won't show a second post from any blog until you've seen posts from all the ones you follow - in other words, run through all your followed blogs and show their most recent (new) post, then repeat the cycle - perhaps this could be an option.

    3) Use some kind of prioritization feature you can assign to a blog

    4) Create a "show me infrequent posters" feature -for example, you could define a frequency  - less than x/day - and filter out blogs that post more frequently. 

    5) Ability to populate the feed in some way that brings the least frequent posters to the top *when you go to look at your feed*.  (Otherwise they'll just get pushed down again).

    6) Allow me to sort my list of follows in inverse proportion to their frequency, so at least I can easily open up the ones I keep missing.   (More generally, I wish there were better sorting in the follows list.  Sort alphabetically?  By last posted date? By frequency?  Right now - there's sorting by last time online - but that's not quite the same)

    7) Add a button that says "don't show me anymore from this blog until.." - next time I log in? tomorrow? till I push a button to unfreeze that blog?

    Quite apart from this, I wish there were a way to mark posts as "seen", so that if I haven't gotten through all the newest posts (which is to say, every time), that I can start where I left off or skip past the ones I've seen rather than scroll through pages of posts I already saw. 

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