Option to move posts from queue to drafts




  • G Flynn

    Honestly I just created this profile and came here to request precisely this feature.

    In my case it isn’t for reordering the queue (another feature I wanted to request). I only wanted the chance to “change my mind” and put the post back in purgatory until I’m ready. Or you guys find my lost formatting :) Or I redo my own formatting :)


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  • Jennie

    A klugey workaround is to use scheduling. If you have specific posts you want in order, schedule them in the sequence you want at your queue frequency. If you want to delay posting, schedule it a year or so out. (just don't forget to move it back to a more reasonable time.)

    You also have to watch your timing, so that other posts don't intermix with them.  (I don't know if this can be completely avoided since time jitter was added to the posting schedule, though. I haven't played with queue times since the jitter update.)

    There are three disadvantages, though: 1. It's time consuming, 2. You can't "unschedule" a post and it just flow through the queue, and 3.) they still appear in the same order (so for example if you schedule the top of your queue a year out, it will still sit at the top while everything else under is published.) Yup, this is a royal PITA, but it gets you most of the way there right now.

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  • Windinthewire0

    As a workaround, you can publish a post to your blog, then post it to your drafts, and then delete it from your blog.  Kind of tedious for more than a few posts.

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