More Flexibility to Editing Post




  • Jennie

    As an example of this problem, let's say I create a new photoset in the queue. I finish and it's sitting there, waiting for it's time.
    I discover I left out one of the pictures in the photoset.
    I cannot add the picture as is. My choices are 1.) Add the picture as part of the caption 2.) Delete it from the queue and start over.

    Another example is if I decide I don't like the order, I have no choice but to delete the post and start over once it's in the queue/drafts.

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  • 2lf

    I totally agree. This is indeed a real problem that makes posting kind of pain when you don't like the order. you have to upload each in the specific order you want and its annoying. Also with the editing with photos, can you please just make the photos fit automatically? it isn't a nice feature to upload a photo on and existing post with text and then seeing it not filled in the reblogged post.

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  • thereisnodanaonlyzuul

    This would be great!

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  • Support BDSMLR

    This is definitely coming and in the plans. It's been planned for quite some time.

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  • Pornwithtext

    Any update on this? One of the few things I hated about us losing many of our January-February 2019 posts was that i couldn't edit the posts to re-add the gifs. It was a feature on Tumblr i used many times to fix posts when they were broken there. Now 8-9 pages of my April 2020 Archive is missing and I'd hate to not have the ability to fix them in case they don't return.

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