I don't understand how comments are supposed to work at all



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    Hi there!

    If the post in question has comments, you will see a number indicator on top of speech bubble icon. By clicking it you will see comment in that post as well. Comments do not appear in reblogs, they are based (think of it as a Facebook comment field where comments do not follow when post is shared) to individual posts only. 

    When you comment a post (click speech bubble, write the comment and click "Submit"). The comment should appear on top of the comment field into that post. They can be seen in posts on front page and while viewing a single post (for example view permalink). 

    Difference to captions (added into original post or added while reblogging) do however, follow when post is reblogged (provided reblogger does not remove them). 

    Hope that helps!

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  • K J

    Thank you for the response


    So if I don't see a number indicator on top of the speech bubble icon, is it a glitch? I know for a fact there are at least two comments on this post (and I know I'm looking at the correct original post, not a reblog) but I don't see any number indicator. 

    I actually just made another comment on a different post, while on the permalink URL, and the comment isn't showing up when I hit refresh. So this is two posts where I can't view any comments (or even see any number above the speech bubble). Is this some kind of glitch or bug? Is there some kind of setting or permission I need to toggle?


    For what it's worth, it makes no difference whether I'm on mobile or desktop. Comments simply don't show up outside of the notification system. 

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    Please, send us a ticket about it with the permalink to that post. We'll investigate, that definitely should not be happening. Also please let us know your blog's name in the process.

    As this sounds like abug we're closing this thread. (We want to keep bugs in our ticketing system).


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