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    Hello there!

    Normally we hope to get bug reports via ticket as we almost always need some private / confidential information we do not want to be present here but let's go through your message in any case.

    First of all, what you're seeing is the very first development version of the comment system, reblogging and adding captions is still there, in fact we expanded on it as well as you can now add images into captions. We have not abandonded the old system, instead we added an another way of communication into every individual post. The old caption / reblog based system is still in place.

    "- I cannot consistently see comments when going to the relevant post to view them, whether the comment is on one of my posts or someone else's. Sometimes I can view comments if I click on an individual post's permalink and change from mobile view (I'm on android) to desktop view, but again, this is not consistent."

    We'd need examples of these. It sounds like something CSS related (font being white and background being white), we'll take a look. Please DO NOT share them here, instead create a new submit request about it. We have also rolled out multiple improvements today, it should fix tons of such issues. But please get back to us if you're still experiencing them and we look into it immediately. Thank you! 

    "- It is not clear when a comment has successfully submitted, which has led to posting the same comment multiple times on the same post without realising (I do accept that this is at least partially due to my unfamiliarity with the comments system as it is new, but would it be possible to build in a confirmation that a comment has gone through similar to the notification that pops up when a post has been successfully reblogged?)"

    Comment should show up and the field empty immediatley after posting it. If that doesn't happen please share us the very url it happens with any other details you can but again, please do it via ticket (support request).

    "- It is not possible to edit or delete comments. This is very frustrating. Can this functionality be added to the comments system if this is not already planned? I think it's very important to be able to do this - if I post something in error or spot a typo after commenting, I want to be able to fix it."

    We will add the possibility to delete and edit very soon, it's definitely on the way.

    Hope that helps and like said, this is just the very first version from the comment system, we will be expanding and improving it along the road.







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  • HFW

    OK, I'll admit that I should possibly have given the new system a bit more time to bed in before whining about it. I can now see comments when clicking on posts across the site, my comments seem to be submitting as they should and I can also now see who has made each comment in my notifications. The updates you've made seem to have resolved most of my main issues with the comments system - apologies for jumping the gun and being a bit too quick to criticise! To give you some positive feedback, I think the new text editor is very slick and it works well. Looking forward to seeing the next round of updates rolled out!

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