an unanswered ticket



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    Support Bdsmlr

    Hello there!


    We'll get back to you for the ticket. Will put it forward immediately that you have not had reply with the ticket number.

    Reason we want to keep it in tickets is that we don't actively follow these forums and we cannot simply keep track of the situation. That's why we want to keep it in tickets and we don't allow them in forums. 

    In any case, we will get back to you tonight!



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  • Markatwork2003

    someone has and is working on it ...thank you

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  • Markatwork2003

    13 days ago someone asked me for more info and i thought OK finally...then poof...nothing...13 days

    Anyone else having problems getting things solved ???

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  • Support Bdsmlr

    We really have to prioritize heavily at the moment due to pandemic, traffic spikes and other issues it has raised so at times our answers can really take if the issue is not considered as breaking.

    Apologies about that. I will put it forward however so that we'd look into the issue at hand ASAP.

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