Is there a way to ever delete your blog or can you only deactivate it?



  • Michael Gorup

    You can delete your blog in settings.


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  • Support Bdsmlr


    Please, contact us via support request from matters such as this, we do not monitor these conversations actively. Very reason we ask to do so. We do not ignore but at times can miss some topics like this one here.


    When you delete your account, we keep certain amount of info for certain period of time so that we can recover it. We're getting tens of "can you please recover my account, I deleted by accident / want it back" per day, percentage is quite big vs the deleted accounts so that's why we have chosen to do so.

    After certain time we will delete the blog completely without the possibility for recovery anymore. However blog's name will stay locked so that there's no identity theft until the original owner contacts us asking to get it back. 

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