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    Keyboard shortcuts are the way to go (provided blog's theme is default, it cannot be used in other themes), but we really have no plans to bring out mass reblogging functions. We do plan to allow it so that you can set a default theme to be used sitewide though. That enables you to be able to use shortcuts everywhere.

    For mobiles, Android App allows quick reblogging. Simply hold the reblog button down and the post will get reblogged. For iOS there's no solution yet.



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  • Marvin

    I use the keyboard shortcuts to quickly reboot individual posts. Something like powerarchiver would be perfect - where you click on or draw a box around the posts you want to reblog from the Archives

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  • Slutbane

    A potential downside of allowing mass reblog is a risk of the site being swamped, if too many people reblogged, say, 200 posts at a time. Personally, I would prefer it being kept as is, so that reposts are selected by choice, rather than being swept up in a reblog all function

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