Site archive response slows considerably after scrolling through several days



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    In the future, please contact us by sending a support ticket if there's an issue with the site, that's meant for support with problems. Thanks :).


    But about the issue at hand:

    There's unfortunately not much what can be done, it's due to device's processing power and bandwidth of your connection you're using (infinite scroll will load tons of images and if there's lots of gifs it's quickly huge amount of data it has to load, but if the loading is not finished yet next page is scrolled, that amount just increases even if the previous ones are not loaded). You can switch to paginated (per page) view via your settings so you can browse them per page which gets rid of this problem.

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  • John Sharpe

    Thanks. I have returned to the pagination method and it is much better alternative for me.  Those long waits are no longer a problem, and actually it helps to have the material in batches (so to speak) rather than the continuous scroll.  Great site, keep up the good work!

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  • Support Bdsmlr

    You're most welcome!

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