multiple tags searches : make them tag1 AND tag2 better than tag1 OR tag2




  • HappySonar

    Agreed. The main use of this feature (for me) would be to find very specific content. For instance, I might want vultures with hats, so I'd search

    Vultures, hats

    If I wanted vultures OR hats, I could already achieve that with seperate searches.

    Using logical operators. (or a UI to build queries containing logical operators) might be the way to go? ! | &

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  • Support BDSMLR

    Hi there!

    It's in the plans, yes. We're making changes to search step by step while monitoring the performance so we did not yet bring it out. But we plan to use AND or & for the purpose.

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  • Mathimat75

    That's good news !
    The  fix with "newest results" really made the search more useful yet, now bdsmlr is getting a better chance to be both a place to diplay stuff and a more interesting source place... Thanks, keep on this good work.

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  • tumblr_perapps

    I agree, tags should be "AND" not "OR". Can't wait until it is out.

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