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  • billyguitar77

    This question was answered outside the forums. 

    There is only one queue. We can add to it 2 general ways: manually (from dash, blogs, archives or individual uploads) or via the mass image uploader. (The single) queue then posts things to our blog in the order they were queued. 

    I’m going to leave this question and answer here for informational purposes. 

    My original question about there possibly still being 2 independent queues was because there actually were 2 queues for a time after the new queue was introduced and the original mass upload queue was still in place, tho kind of buggy. It was retooled and now both methods of queuing seem to be running smoothly - and both methods now feed a single queue.


    I’ll toss in a quick comment that Support currently adding new features to regular queue is Great😊

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