Maybe a workaround for iOS/Android app?



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    Hi there!

    Sorry but this is not the way to go. First of all that would be trying to go around their rules and limitations, breaking their rules. We however respect their guidelines, if they don't want Apps from platforms such as ours, so be it. We respect their decision. 

    Secondly, when you start to try such sneaky ways you more than often end up doing tons of work and pouring tons of resources into it for nothing. One report is all it takes and you're removed from their stores. 

    So it will not be a path which we are going to pursuit.

    Instead we're going offer the Android App through our site as we do already plus we have plans to try few ideas how the iOS version could possibly be published into iOS devices as well. 


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  • Paul

    I would love an app for iOS.  And I do completely respect your view on this. 

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